Positions Vacant at TOP February 2020

As we build up steam towards the General Election 2020 we have few spots on our team we're ready to fill.

Our staff are from every different corner of the country and we’re really proud of this - we’re truly run by New Zealanders. Therefore, these roles are all remotely based. Each of these roles are voluntary as they require around 3 - 5 hours per week.

To be ready to fulfil a Voluntary Staff role at TOP, you’ll need: 

  • Strong computer literacy with comfort and familiarity using various remote working and online collaboration software
  • Experience, familiarity (or the willingness to develop such) working in dynamic, low-resource, start-up teams
  • High tolerance for dynamic, collaborative, fluidly-managed working environments
  • Proactive, assertive, collaborative, non-aggressive and compassionate communication 

Job descriptions are created when the position is filled, based on the descriptions below. Like all roles at TOP, we’re in a flexible and dynamic environment so all jobs can be described as “pitching in and giving it your best shot”, rather than the set tasks and responsibilities of a paid employment role. 

Positions of expertise (prior experience or expertise required

  • Candidate Coordinator - managing the relationships with our candidates to ensure their campaigns are consistent and on-brand. Applying previous knowledge on candidate campaigning and excellent organisation and human relationship management. Ensuring clear and effective lines of communication between Party Management, Leadership, and Candidates. 
  • Campaign Strategy - overseeing the strategy for our campaign and adjusting it as necessary as circumstances change. Providing support and direction to staff and Management to execute, adjust and improve strategy execution. Able to take initiative and bring creativity to establishing a strong connection between policy, campaign strategy, and party operations. 
  • Content Manager - overseeing the publishing of content on multiple social media platforms. Acting as a point of connection, prioritisation and management between creative workstreams, such as design, videography and copywriting and delivery via IT systems, Social Media, and party Communications. Ability to prioritise content, facilitate responses to a dynamic environment, and lead the team with agile decision-making. 
  • Media/PR - preparing press releases, contributing to announcements and managing relationships with media. Delivering Public Relations messages, and sourcing new opportunities for these messages to be delivered to our public. 
  • Constitutional Review - Experts in areas of law and organisational constitutions writing required to assist in the review of the Party Constitution which was written in 2016 and is no longer fit for purpose. 

Other positions 

  • Roadshow Coordinator - Events Management role, coordinating and working with local RC and volunteers to arrange roadshow events up and down the country for Candidates and Party Leadership. Arrange venues, coordinate marketing/advertising and other logistics. 
  • Digital Events Coordinator - managing the digital advertising and marketing of our events, and ensuring online information about TOP events is accurate and comprehensive. 
  • Video Project Manager - coordinate and oversee the production of videos, ensuring strong communication between creative design, IT and other operational areas. Troubleshooting and prioritisation to keep the video projects on track.
  • Blog Manager - coordinating blog contributions and overseeing publication and scheduling of blog posts. 
  • WebMaster - Oversee and coordinate the updating and improvement of our website, activating as a connection point between design and content requests, and web development delivery. Need not have any IT or Web development technical ability, only understanding of what it takes to take a great creative idea into a functioning website feature. 

Please send a short statement of your interest and applicability for these roles, including any prior experience or CV information that may be relevant through to our Volunteer OnBoard Coordinator James [email protected]z, who will help your application proceed to the staff members required. 

  • Regional Coordinators (RC) - In all Regions of New Zealand, we welcome Regional Coordinators who are keen to help organise and facilitate the activities of local volunteers. You’ll work closely with other RC’s around the country, with our National Coordinator, Craig McDonald, and with Candidates in your electorate. This is a real grass-roots role that is incredibly important to TOP’s election success. We have a particular need for RC’s in the following areas:
    • Taranaki
    • Rotorua, 
    • Southern Lakes, 
    • Gisborne, 
    • Auckland Central, 
    • Hutt Valley, 
    • New Plymouth

If you're interested in one of our RC roles, email [email protected] and begin the conversation with Craig.


Note also that Candidate Applications are still being received, as are expressions of Interest for Board Member positions. Please email [email protected] for more information.