Positions Vacant at TOP April 2020

TOP has several key roles that need to be filled to run a successful campaign that gets TOP into Parliament. 

TOP is gearing up to launch the 2020 Election Campaign. We’re calling on our Members and our Supporters to help us find great people to join our team and fill these roles. Our Election Fundraising is one half of the war-chest, but team members and staff are the other half. Both are essential for us to run a campaign that really puts us in the running.  

The following positions are part-time and flexible, and are central to the successful running of our campaign. They require volunteers willing to dedicate 5 hours per week to the role. 

  •  Internal Communications Manager - oversee how we communicate with our support network. This includes writing communication pieces, surveying and working with other parts of our team to use EDM to communicate well. 
    • Includes: Newsletter Editor - collate news updates from staff (keeping an eye out for ideas) and build an engaging and lively email newsletter. 
  • Enquiries Administrator - monitor the [email protected] email address, and Social Media inboxes  and provide responses to information requests, forwarding emails to other staff as required, and provide a first point of contact and filter for inwards communications to the party.
  • HR Manager - Place volunteers and paid contractors into staff roles, including overseeing the administration (contracts and Job Descriptions) required to place volunteer staff in formal roles, including maintaining the org chart and positions vacant list. 
  • Content Manager - overseeing the publishing of content on multiple social media platforms. Acting as a point of connection, prioritisation and management between creative workstreams, such as design, videography and copywriting and delivery via IT systems, Social Media, and party Communications. Ability to prioritise content, facilitate responses to a dynamic environment, and lead the team with agile decision-making. 
    • Includes: Blog Manager - coordinating blog contributions and overseeing publication and scheduling of blog posts. 
  • Fundraising Manager - plan, prepare and manage TOP’s fundraising strategy in support of the Board and Campaign Strategy team, including different areas of fundraising and fundraising timetabling. 
  • Phone Banking Manager - We have a great team ready to hit the phones for TOP, and we need someone to coordinate their campaigns and work with the Fundraising Manager and Campaign Strategy to manage phone bankers to be a key tool in our campaign war chest. 

TOP has a range of other voluntary positions available:

  • Volunteer OnBoarding administrator - Job Description available. Receive volunteer sign-ups via email and action by conducting an initial phone call and/or screening against current positions vacant requirements, and/or referring to other staff according to skill set provided. 
  • SEO professional - IT professional with abilities to work with our web development team to improve SEO of our webpage, and online presence (such as Google profile, Wikipedia etc)
  • Video Project Manager - coordinate and oversee the production of videos, ensuring strong communication between creative design, IT and other operational areas. Troubleshooting and prioritisation to keep the video projects on track.

More Information

Each of these roles are voluntary and require around 3 - 5 hours per week. Our staff are from every different corner of the country and we’re really proud of this - we’re truly run by New Zealanders. Therefore, these roles are all remotely based. 

To be ready to fulfil a Voluntary Staff role at TOP, you’ll need: 

  • Strong computer literacy with comfort and familiarity using various remote working and online collaboration software
  • Experience, familiarity (or the willingness to develop such) working in dynamic, low-resource, start-up teams
  • High tolerance for dynamic, collaborative, fluidly-managed working environments
  • Proactive, assertive, collaborative, non-aggressive and compassionate communication 

Please send a short statement of your interest and applicability for these roles, including any prior experience or CV information that may be relevant through to our Volunteer OnBoard Coordinator James [email protected]z, who will help your application proceed to the staff members required. 

Note that Candidate Applications are still being received until the end of May, but expressions of Interest for Board Member position have now closed. Please email [email protected] for more information.