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Shayne Currie


NZ Herald

Dear Shayne

I write concerning one of your cadet sports reporters, Steve Braunias.

This young man contacted me recently to challenge me to a game of table tennis which I had to decline as I am busy campaigning for The Opportunities Party in the 2017 General Election.

Cadet Braunias responded by calling me a chicken and this past Saturday wrote and had published a rather odd piece in which he again directed some personal vitriol towards me.

I’m more than happy to put the name calling down to youthful exuberance from a young man who clearly wants to make it in the tough world of journalism and given the severe hardships facing your industry I can understand why you might let him write outside his area of expertise.

The Opportunities Party is all about giving youth a voice and a chance to get ahead so might I make the following suggestions:

1: You assign Cadet Braunias to the poultry round, given his apparent knowledge of chickens this would seem a good fit; or

2: Give the young buck what he really wants, an assignment carrying bags and running copy for one of your real sports reporters covering the Lions tour.

I’m sure you’d agree it would be a pity to crush this young man’s dreams no matter how hidden his talents.

TOP of the day to you.

Gareth Morgan

Founder and Leader

The Opportunities Party.



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