Petition: Declare a Housing Emergency Now

Petition: Declare a Housing Emergency Now

To Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and all Parliamentary Party Leaders,

We call on the New Zealand Government and Parliament to declare a housing emergency and act on it.

Our Housing Crisis is a social and economic disaster. The rising cost of housing is the biggest driver of poverty and inequality in New Zealand.  We have seen the social housing waitlist quadruple over the past three years. There are now over 21,000 families waiting for housing. Rents have been rising faster than incomes for 30 years. We have declining homeownership, which is now the lowest it has been since 1951, with an entire generation of renters locked out of homeownership.

We must as a nation, stop seeing housing as a get rich quick scheme. Housing is shelter.

It is for you our leaders to declare this.

It’s time to stop the wealth gap between homeowners and renters growing any further apart.

Leaders should represent all people. Not just property owners.

This nation’s obsession with housing needs to change. And we need our elected representatives to lead that change.

We can do this.

  • Access to affordable housing should not be political.
  • Access to affordable housing is a right.

It is time for you to show Kiwis that you are prepared to do what it takes to solve this crisis and that you will prioritise real solutions ahead of your own re-election.

Stop blaming each other and work together to fix it.

Please sign our petition to join us in calling on our elected representatives to treat the housing crisis with the seriousness & immediacy it deserves. We are calling on:

  1. All MPs to declare a Housing Emergency, and
  2. Each Parliamentary Party to enter into a cross-party Housing Co-operation Agreement, to work with experts on policies they will implement and a timeline for when they will be implemented, to solve the housing crisis.
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Will you sign?