Olly Wilson

Candidate for Rangitata

Olly is a successful real estate agent and franchise owner. He is also a registered nurse who has 15 years experience working as an emergency department nurse, intensive care nurse, public health nurse for schools and with Smokefree. He was involved in developing and establishing He Oranga Pai, a Maori health provider with marae-based outreach clinics. He also established primary-care smoking cessation services in South Canterbury, and helped develop the tobacco control plan for the DHB. 

Olly has lived in Timaru for 20 years, where he has raised four children. It breaks his heart when his kids tell him it ‘sucks’ because they can no longer swim in their local river. Olly wants to challenge the people of our region and our nation to make sacrifices today, to give our kids a brighter future.

I believe we are throwing our next generation a hospital pass. You don’t realise what you have until it is lost, and we are well on our way to losing our pristine natural environment.

I’m a proud Kiwi of Maori descent. I was raised by my parents on a dairy farm in North Otago, so I have huge respect for the hardworking men and women of our agricultural sector. 

The great education I got as a nurse in Dunedin allowed me to enjoy travelling and working internationally, before I settled down in Timaru twenty years ago. I absolutely love our region and quality of life here. I believe in our communities and have backed them over the years. I want the people of the Rangitata region to have opportunities for success, in a safe and secure region to raise their families.

I’m thankful to have had these wonderful opportunities growing up, to enjoy our pristine environment, get well educated, afford a home, and raise a family. However, I can no longer stand aside and see what sort of nation we will be leaving for our young people. I hate seeing the devastating impact on our Mackenzie country from uncontrolled granting of irrigation consents and intensification of dairy farming practices eroding our pristine environment.

I think there are significant issues facing our local region. One of these is deteriorating water quality, due to increased nitrogen leaching. We have to find ways to balance economic growth while restoring water quality, to keep our international image and brand intact, and to support our nation’s largest industries: tourism and dairy.

To do this, The Opportunities Party will cease intensification of land use unless impacts can be offset, and invest in monitoring and improving water quality – paid for by polluters.  We will push for a levy on commercial water into Nature Investment Funds (NIF's), and reward good farming practices.




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