NZ Super Pledge

NZ Super Pledge

Winston Peters is currently in court suing the taxpayer over the leak of his NZ Super overpayments


The real scandal here is that someone already paid over $300,000 by taxpayers (his salary was around $200,000 at the time) should claim NZ Super at all. NZ Super is unaffordable in its current form, and will force younger generations to pay higher taxes in the future. 


TOP believes in means testing NZ Super so that if people over 65 don't need NZ Super, they shouldn't get it. If you agree, let's send Winnie a message. Join us in pledging to not claim NZ Super if you don't need it (or by donating it to organisations like Spend My Super). 


"I pledge that I will only claim NZ Super if I need it."


Yes I will only claim NZ Super if I need it.

I might support TOP, tell me more.

No I do not support TOP.