Nicky Snoyink

Candidate for Selwyn

Nicky has a Masters in Environmental Policy from Lincoln University, and 20 years experience working in the nature tourism sector. Nicky’s business provides nature tours throughout Aotearoa New Zealand, and also Southeast Asia, Nepal, India and Bhutan. This diverse experience showed Nicky that preserving New Zealand as clean, green country is central to not only our nation’s thriving economy, but fundamental to the health and well-being of all Kiwis.

During the past 12 years, she has volunteered on many different community conservation projects, including wilding pine eradication in the South Island high country, stoat trapping in the Canterbury high country, braided river bird and invertebrate surveys, the Anchor Island Kakapo project, and rat eradication on Rakiura Stewart Island.

Nicky’s vision as a candidate for The Opportunities Party (TOP) is for a cleaner, healthier environment, with sustainable employment prospects for all New Zealanders. She wants environmental governance that provides greater opportunities, so like-minded people can influence decisions that affect the planet’s future.

Nicky grew up roaming Canterbury’s rivers and lakes, and enjoyed swimming when water was clean and abundant. No one ever worried about getting a mouthful as you took that invigorating summer plunge into a cool, crystal clear river. Drinking water was good and plentiful, and mass outbreaks of waterborne illnesses were uncommon.

Today, that is not so. The natural environment is rapidly degrading through intensive industrial agriculture, conversion of productive farm land for development, and reduction in the quality and quantity of fresh water.

Our international reputation and demand for tourism and other products depend on our natural environment. Current strategies that prioritise volume-based economic growth at the expense of environmental protection place the future of New Zealand’s environment in a tenuous state. Worse, this type of growth strategy results in a multitude of costs to communities, erodes well-being, and robs future generations of opportunities to thrive. This is fundamentally wrong.

TOP’s environmental policy seeks to achieve harmony between the economy and the environment, by simply requiring polluters to pay to clean up their mess, as opposed to the general public and future generations. This applies across the environmental spectrum, from water quality and quantity, biodiversity loss, and the level of resilience in the nation’s systems, to adapting to climate-related changes.

As TOP’s Selwyn’s candidate and as a list candidate, Nicky will work to build relationships with communities from the mountains to the sea, promoting open communication and full public participation. She will advocate for policies that require polluters to pay to clean up their mess, and policies that reward those doing right by environment.