New Zealand's leading fresh water scientist Mike Joy endorses TOP.

The country’s leading freshwater scientist, Dr Mike Joy, has endorsed The Opportunities Party ahead of Saturday’s general election.

In a statement sent to TOP today Dr Joy says,

 “I don’t like to endorse political parties but TOP has made a huge difference to this election by putting policy before personality and I want their policies to make a real difference”

Mike Joy is a New Zealand freshwater ecologist and science communicator. He is a Senior Lecturer in Ecology and Environmental Science in Massey University's Ecology Group, at the Palmerston North campus.

Dr Joy is publicly outspoken about the decline in freshwater quality and ecosystems, especially the impact of nutrient pollution from intensive dairying on New Zealand's "100% Pure", clean, green image. This has led to awards from scientific organisations, as well as criticism from the dairy industry and then Prime Minister John Key.

Two weeks ago, Mike was the inaugural winner of the Critic and Conscience of Society Award.

TOP leader Dr Gareth Morgan is stoked that Mike has spoken out in support of the party. “When a scientist of Mike’s calibre endorses our platform and policies we know we’ve got our research and solutions right,” says Dr Morgan, “This is the same reaction we are getting from experts in the fields of economics, health, justice and drug reform.”

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