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Geoff Simmons

Geoff Simmons - A fair go for Mount Albert

The people of Mount Albert deserve a fair go. Lazy leadership from National has left them high and dry, leaving Labour and the Greens to chat amongst themselves in this by-election. It’s not on.

There is no such thing as a safe seat any more. The Opportunities Party thinks you deserve a real choice, and a real debate over the issues that are affecting you.

The issues in Mt Albert are the very same issues that are affecting the whole country. How do we grow a prosperous Auckland while still taking care of our people and our environment? It’s time to sort out:

  • spiraling house prices and rents
  • infrastructure creaking under the strain of rapid population growth
  • our degraded environment.

We’ve had decades of career politicians and their establishment parties sitting on their hands and now we’re all paying the price. The Opportunities Party wants to face up to the challenges ahead, and put in place real changes that will actually make a difference. As voters you need to be treated like adults and be part of the conversation.

It’s an election year. Let’s talk about the issues that matter to Mt Albert and to the country.

Will you vote for Geoff?

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Where is Geoff???

Geoff is going to be in a location near you this weekend. Come and ask him a question

  • Westfield St. Lukes, Saturday from 2 until 4pm.
  • Grey Lynn Farmers Market, Sunday morning until 11am
  • Alberton Market Day from 12 till 2pm at Alberton House
  • Big Gay Out for the rest of Sunday afternoon in Coyle Park.

geoff simmons

About Geoff

Geoff is an old boy of Avondale College and Auckland University. Courtesy of his economics degree he has worked as a senior analyst at the New Zealand Treasury and manager in the UK Civil Service, before becoming General Manager of the Morgan Foundation. He has co-authored four books alongside Gareth Morgan investigating a breadth of topics that are significant to the prosperity and well-being of New Zealanders, including health, what we eat, Antarctica and fishing. Geoff’s career also spans training, performance and facilitation, as well as running his own business.

Geoff is particularly passionate about leaving the environment in better shape than the way we found it. He believes we can do that and generate a vibrant, resilient economy at the same time.

When he’s not running for parliament Geoff still enjoys performing and training improvised comedy, learning Spanish, playing in a samba band and getting his hands dirty planting trees and cleaning up our green space.

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