Moving Forward

That was a disappointing outcome for TOP from my perspective, but at least we now know that there are 50,000 early adopters out there for TOP & our best practice, evidence-based policy which promotes economic growth, social justice, and environmental sustainability. Thank you for caring and appreciating the difference between robust, progressive policy that benefits everyone, and the stagnant, tribal-based politics that has long been New Zealand's status quo.

While our market research told us that the potential for political success of a platform based purely on policy was limited, it was fun and intriguing putting that research to the test, and engaging with the public in our town hall meetings was the highlight for me. As a social scientist, I really enjoyed the exercise. But from my perspective as a New Zealander concerned that a tax-privileged elite is abusing the prospects and aspirations of fellow New Zealanders and future generations, I have to say I’m pretty disgusted at the lack of compassion that the voting public overall demonstrate - the degree of selfishness is overwhelming. In particular, the denial expressed by the property-owning class around the tax privilege they’re abusing augers badly for the young, and those on a low income. We will continue to see rising inequality.

I want to thank all of those who got on board and helped the campaign - we have some utterly impressive people in our crowd of 50,000, and that was the most rewarding aspect of the project. Talented people working together who in 9 months took our membership to 1/4 that of the 100-year old Labour party is a fantastic effort and provides hope that at some stage, New Zealand will break out of the stupor of the same-old, same-old politics the two Establishment parties deliver. You are exceptional and certainly a cut above the average self-centred voter.

We’re currently working through options for the future of TOP and expect to make an announcement within the next month or so.

Ka kite ano