Matt Isbister

Candidate for North Shore

I am currently a small business owner, having set up my own company just over a year ago. I understand many of the challenges that a new business faces.  I came from banking and finance, where I worked in various sales and service roles to end up in senior management.

In terms of social and community work, I have been a member of Rotary, and I help coach my daughter’s netball team with little netball experience, I still get the positions wrong!! I have also worked closely with a community housing group.  It is this experience that has exposed me to the issues that face young people today.

I am standing for TOP because they have great policies that will address the social issues we are facing today.  I was particularly drawn to the tax policy.  The wealthy continue to grow their wealth while others find living day to day a challenge.  I’m not just talking about low income earners.  Middle income earners are also finding it harder to get ahead and buy their own home.  Young people are going through university only to find entry level jobs are being digitised.  We are seeing that reflected in the level of homelessness and youth suicide rates, which are among the highest in the world.

The wealthy are not typically salary and wage owners.  They are business owners and landlords who have invested into property.  Most people that have invested in property over the last 20 years have done well.  We need to be doing more to spread the wealth across different sectors of the community.  We also need to stop the addiction to property investment, and free up capital to other productive sectors.  Now, don’t get me wrong, property is a great asset to have, but New Zealanders have too much of their wealth tied up in property.  That’s a big risk for them and for the country.

The unconditional basic income for young people (18-23) is bold and important.  The modern work place has changed dramatically since my first job.  The role I had as a cub is gone.  In many industries we are seeing the same thing.  Opportunities for the young to earn their stripes are gone.  They need to gain experience by taking more risk themselves and potentially working a couple of jobs.  We need to support them with that and in a way where they don’t have to worry about meeting criteria to remain eligible.  Why not remove the stress for them?  The opportunities and security available to previous generations have gone.

Join TOP in disrupting the establishment parties and help force some positive change for those that need it the most.

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