hierarchy of policy

hierarchy of policy

To have a future promoting apartheid is like turning back the clock two centuries ago. It causes racism and division and will always do so while we keep looking backwards to a document written 170 years ago and trying to make it fit in the 21st. century. Ive heard hundreds of interpretations of what the treaty means to different people and from my view point its irrelevant. They all think theyre right and its like arguing over which religion is correct. Its become part of the new religion of political correctness and will mean continued racism into the future. What drives me crazy and is completely illogical is that anyone who argues against 'the Treaty' you are labeled a racist when you are trying to argue against it. For me a written constitution should be based on logic and reason. The cornerstone of any civilised society is that everyone has equal standing. Having different rules for people with different dna is a poor foundation for any constitution and a recipe for stupidity. The money spent now on the treaty and the bureaucracy costs in the future would be better spent on the poor many of whom are Maori. The argument that if we 'honour' the Treaty poor Maori stats will improve is weak. Weve been honouring the Treaty for 30 years in which Maori stats have gotten worse. Lets just invest in the poor and well all have better lives. Unfortunately this piece of TOP policy goes against my belief system. I guess Id like to know the hierarchy of policy will work because if this was a bottom line or top policy being pushed by TOP I will look elsewhere to place my vote.

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