Lindsay Smith

Candidate for Dunedin South

I retired in 2015 after a career in the health, social service, electricity and communications sectors,  in New Zealand and overseas.   I was born in Dunedin My wife works at Otago University, my son is a High School student and my daughter a veterinarian, is married to a farmer in Central Otago.

I have a degree in business management and am now studying for a Master of Professional Practice at Otago Polytechnic, where I am an Assessor in their innovative Capable programme.   I am very keen on the outdoors and am a member of the NZ Alpine Club, and am also a sea-kayaker and mountain biker.

“I became a member of The Opportunities Party because I was attracted by their well researched, evidence-based, policies which offered an integrated approach towards achieving a better and fairer New Zealand.

When you get to my time of life you begin to look at the legacy you are leaving your children and grandchildren and at the moment, the future is not what I dreamed of when I started work 50 years ago.   Where ever I look I see our country focusing on short term gains at the expense of the future.    Everything is being driven by this year’s balance sheet and the rate of return we can earn today.

But these short-term gains are being achieved by building up financial and social debts which my children and grandchildren will have to pay.   Whether we look at housing, health, the environment, prisons, schools or poverty, it is clear to me that our rock star economy is being maintained at a huge cost to future generations and I want to change that.

The Opportunities Party policies provide real solutions to the problems we face. Some will not be popular because they involve significant changes to the status quo.  Our environment policies require polluters to pay, commercial users to pay of water and an effective emissions trading scheme that will get net carbon emissions to zero by 2050.

TOP’s Tax Reform policy will help curb rampant house price rises and lead to lower income tax rates.  By taxing all assets the better off will pay more tax and those with few assets will receive a tax cut – 80% of people will be better off.   Although the policy is likely to cost me a few thousand dollars a year, that’s a small price to pay for realising the legacy I want for my children and grandchildren.

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