Let's Have A Real Debate

Good political debates are hard to find these days, you can have Jacinda and Bill throwing shapes at each other, or a cacophony of other players who are permanently attached to Labour or National pretending they will have some influence post-election.

Only two parties have consistently positioned themselves as having the ability to break the emerging deadlock between the left and the right, The Opportunities Party and New Zealand First.

Given that the principles and policies of these two parties must be clearly understood before the election period, it is vital they have the chance to go head to head in a debate that is widely available to the voting public.

TOP today challenges Winston Peters to front up and give democracy a chance by debating Party Leader Gareth Morgan anytime, anywhere, in the next two weeks.

TOP also invites expressions of interest from media organisations willing to host the event and nominate two trained moderators to run the show.

We know the public deserve real election debate, we now ask if Mr Peters is prepared to help give them one.