Labour Folds to Farming Lobby

Labour folds to farming lobby, leaving The Opportunities Party alone in advocating polluter pays to clean up rivers. 

In electoral desperation, the Labour Party yesterday abandoned any attempt to address one of the greatest concerns facing New Zealand: the ongoing pollution of our waterways.

Andrew Little told Federated Farmers annual conference his party will abandon polluter pays by joining the Greens in offering some ill-defined form of “regulation” to deal with the country’s most pressing environmental concern.

The Opportunities Party has developed a CLEARWATER ACTION PLAN to deal with every issue behind the degradation of our waterways.

It will be unveiled by party leader Dr Gareth Morgan in Christchurch on Wednesday next week. 

“TOP can promise all New Zealanders who want to be able to swim in our rivers and protect the priceless bounty our water represents that help is on the way” says Dr Morgan. “I find it hard to believe that all the establishment parties have now abandoned any realistic attempt to deal with this vital issue”.



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