Labour Abandons Any Real Chance Of Change Till 2021

The Opportunities Party Leader Dr Gareth Morgan says today’s decision by the Labour Party to abandon any major reforms of the tax system until 2021, is a betrayal of those who have already cast their votes expecting any real change to the worsening statistics around social equality and the housing crisis.

“Scared by the latest poll results the old establishment party of the left has abandoned struggling New Zealanders by kicking any change to our broken tax system for touch until 2020,” says Dr Morgan, “This leaves TOP alone in having a fully costed plan for a Fair Tax system that will benefit 80% of all New Zealanders by giving workers a 30% income tax cut, and finally closing the tax loophole that lets the rich get richer, while condemning future generations to a miserable future as part of a divided treadmill economy.”

Gareth Morgan believes the abrupt U turn by Labour on tax is also a major betrayal of the tens of thousands who have already cast their votes in the 2017 election and may well now be regretting their decision to back a party which offers no alternative to the destructive tax policies being pursued by the current Government.

Today’s announcement makes it even more important that thinking voters make a choice for real change this election.

Care, Think, Vote for a fair tax system.