Kevin Neill

Candidate for Waitaki

Kevin has a deep passion for education.  Since earning a History degree from Otago University, he has worked in the education sector.  Kevin has been a student counsellor at a Child, Youth and Family residence facility, a high school teacher and head of department, and an online-education project manager.

Kevin is concerned by the Orwellian shift in education – viewing schools as factories where every outcome can be measured. He is thrilled The Opportunities Party (TOP) has responded with an education policy that will give power back to teachers, so they can do what they do best – teach.  

Kevin grew up on a large farm as one of six kids, which gave him an ingrained philosophy of fairness. He is disturbed by New Zealand’s decline to the 115th fairest country in the world. He supports TOP because it integrates his social conscience with his business-mindedness and concern for fiscal responsibility in government.

Having been raised on a farm, and having family in both the water purity industry, Kevin is well balanced on issues of sustainable land management. Passionate about fixing the degradation of our waterways, Kevin offers a pragmatic and straight-shooting scientific approach to discussion with farmers and other interest groups.

Kevin brings TOP a pragmatic centrist philosophy, rooted in evidence-based decisions. With family ties to Otago since the 1870s, we welcome him as our candidate for the Waitaki Electorate.  He has also worked as a financial trader and is currently working in Wanaka.