Innovation Policy

TOP has the policies to align the right skills, people, capital and priorities for commercial success.


From Xero to Rocket Lab, NZ has more than just 'Number 8 wire' ingenuity but is a hub of world-class talent. However, time after time Governments stifle innovation from getting off the ground.

At TOP we believe with the right policies, we can turbocharge the innovation sector.

The Problem:

  • Innovative businesses in NZ often don't have access to the capital they need to scale.
  • NZ generates a lot of new ideas, but it’s often too hard for our Kiwi companies to access that knowledge to grow.
  • We also don’t produce enough people with the right technical and digital skills for our innovative companies can succeed on the global stage.

At TOP we are all innovators and entrepreneurs at heart and we have some great policies to fix this – without spending a cent more.

TOP's solutions:

  • Increase business investment in research & development (R&D) up to the goal of 2% of our GDP.
  • Set up a government-backed Innovation Fund that everyday Kiwis like you and me can invest in, to help power the economy forward.
  • Ensure businesses have all the support they need to access the money to innovate and grow. We will work with banks, angel investors, large firms and the start-up community to develop partnerships that better connect us nationally and internationally.
  • Ensure NZ has the skills needed to innovate by investing in polytechs and re-aligning universities for the skills we need.
  • Fund polytechs to deliver fast responses to support and solve company problems.
  • Set national priorities for research funding by taking into account New Zealand’s economic, social, and environmental needs, striking the right balance between discovery and applied research.
  • Measure the success of research funding on how the results were taken up and applied by industry – rewarding performance, not promise.

New Zealand used to be known for its ability to come up with clever new solutions and get good things done - TOP will help us re-earn that reputation.

To make NZ really successful, we need to produce people with the right skills. Businesses want to hire people who can hit the ground running. 

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