How would you make our tenancy act fair?

How would you make our tenancy act fair?

Okay. So you don't like the idea of our tax reforms. What would you suggest to make New Zealand fair again?

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  • It is already fair.

    The last thing we need is for tenants to get away with rent arrears, anti social behaviour and intentional damage to properties. If you managed to reform the act then Real Land Insurance would go out of business because they would consistently be paying owners out for rent arrears and intentional damage. I'm not sure how an owner can then pay their mortgage on a property if some tenant is not paying rent, that owner will sell up or give notice that they are moving in, and once the tenant is OUT, then sell up. As for social housing, good luck with regulating that - after 4 years with HNZ you see everything. I like the current National policy where it is 'not a home for life' and best you better yourself by getting a job and then moving on to renting in the private sector. Not that there will be any rentals available, as investors will sell their stock due to it being too hard to get rid of problem tenants.

  • Social Housing

    The problem is the giving away of the social housing - your example - the UK has done this - YES they have and with totally disastrous results! The only way that this would work would be if all of the social housing that was given away was replaced by new built social housing Also - the BIG problem in NZ housing is the cost of materials - somebody is making a fortune off the fact that the materials to build a house here are over twice as much as Australia

  • Don't agree with this approach

    As a landlord of 1 property I keep my place very tidy, well insulated heat pumps and fix any issues immediately. There is always talk about the poor tenants but never any talk of making tenants truly accountable for property damage. Smoke Pmin my house, zero consequence. Your party will not get many votes until it addresses both sides fairly and equitably. As for your policy of following the German model, why not simply make all tenancy fixed term lease so that both the tenant and landlord know what they can expect up front? You see, the issue goes both ways, I have had tenants that told me they were going to be long term and 4 months later they are gone.

  • We may end up with even more homeless people

    I don't agree with this policy as it will absolutely turn off property owners from renting out their houses and we already have a shortage. Additionally the German model doesn't translate as in Germany tenants provide everything bar the walls and doors. That literally includes the kitchen sink and curtains thus reducing maintenance overheads for the landlords. The other side of the German approach is that the tenancy courts (!) are overrun with litigation ('my tenant brought a dog', 'my tenant won't mow the lawns', 'my landlord wants me to contribute towards upgrades', 'my landlord won't get a a heat pump so I am paying loads for heating', etc etc). Additional to all this - what about fixed or short term tenancies, e.g. where the home owners head off overseas for couple of years and tenants would be happy to occupy for that period only. This policy won't fly with NZers - too much too soon.

  • Don't create a nation of renters. People should be able to own their homes.