How would you make families thrive

How would you make families thrive

Okay. So you don't like our ideas on how to help families thrive. What would you suggest?

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    • I don't agree with the UBI for all

      I don't agree with the idea of all families with very young children (under 3, or under 6 if adopted or fostered) - $200 per family per week. This incentivises people who cannot support a family to breed for money, much like the current domestic purposes benefit.

    • Security of Tenure - rental property

      Security of tenure in a rental property is important and an excellent idea but your proposal to restrict a landlords ability to evict for non payment of rent or damage is ridiculous, Both parties have obligations not just the landlord - who by the way may well be a hard working kiwi like the tenant. Create a long term instrument to give security by all means but get rid of that one sided idea.