How would you help our youth reach their potential?

How would you help our youth reach their potential?

Okay. So you don't like our youth UBI policy. What would you suggest?

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Support study and work programmes directly

When I was a 'youth' not so long ago, everyone I knew (including myself) spent all their money on socialising (aka booze) and travel (and yes, the cheapest possible rent and food to allow more socialising budget if they didn't live at home which many did). I have no problem with this, the young should have lots of fun and adventures! However the tax payer should not fund those adventures. It is a fact that plenty of youth would spend that $10,000 swanning around Europe. Some would spent it wisely I'm sure, but that's not good enough to justify the expenditure of precious tax dollars. Support the youth in their study and work training - things that contribute to their long term prospects and the greater good of society. BIG DOWN VOTE on this policy!

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