Housing Market Reform

"Successive governments have not been able to deliver affordable housing. TOP will take action to restore affordable housing, because people deserve a decent place to live, whether you own or rent."


TOP is proposing a fundamental overhaul of the tax and housing systems in Aotearoa New Zealand to make them more affordable, healthy and dignified. 

The Problem:

  • NZ has some of the most unaffordable housing and rents in the world.
  • Kiwis are struggling to pay rent, let alone afford their own home.
  • Our economy is geared towards housing speculation, pushing up the price of housing and making our economy vulnerable.
  • Renters have little rights and struggle to have long term leases.
  • Our housing quality is poor, resulting in our kids unnecessarily ending up in hospital.
  • We have a record-high number of families waiting for social housing.

TOP's solutions:

  • Introduce a small annual tax on the land value of a propertyThis balance will create more affordable housing and rents.
  • Rental reform to make it easier for tenants to remain in longer leases.
  • Improve building standards and rental Warrant of Fitness, so houses are high quality and built to last.
  • Expand the supply of social and affordable rental housing through gifting Housing NZ stock to community providers.

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