Dunno is this is the right place to post these ideas, so delete it if it's not but there's some rich veins of policy in the posts so far. In my opinion, to make an impact, TOP will need to come out with something good and potentially contentious. Perhaps even something incredulous. Unless we want to spend a ton on advertising , we'll need the media to do a lot of the shouting out. This means giving them something newsworthy. Potentially a little crazy. Anything stand out as both good and crazy?

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    • John Gibson
      commented 2016-12-11 12:00:12 +1300
      Actually this serial blog is getting a bit out of hand. Message to the web master: Please aggregate all the policy suggestions into like areas. Then on the first page have the TOP seven (as moderated by the current party executive / board). The emerging TOP three policies seem to me to be in areas such as:

      (1) Tax reform (with a host of associated subsidiary suggestions);
      (2) Housing affordability (which has many linked and overlapping suggestions, some of which pertain to immigration and foreign investment); and
      (3) Employment and the UBI, again with a host of concomitant suggestions.

      Otherwise we are just engaging in a scatter gun approach to policy.

      Unless we isolate our key policies we run the risk of looking like the “everything” party.

      I like the idea of “contentious” policies which generate “incredulity”. But only if we can back these up with credible practical implementation by gradually changing the agenda of the establishment parties. And Labour. And National.
    • John Gibson
      tagged this with essential 2016-12-11 12:00:12 +1300
    • Michael Shallcrass
      tagged this with interesting 2016-12-02 19:34:42 +1300
    • Tim O’Donnell
      commented 2016-11-26 20:38:35 +1300
      I think that’s what will happen anyway. These are likely to be the policies the other parties couldn’t stomach putting forward even if they knew it to be the right thing
    • Ben Mayson
      tagged this with essential 2016-11-26 19:10:16 +1300
    • Graeme Kiyoto-Ward
      published this page in Suggestions 2016-11-26 18:44:53 +1300