No vote is wasted

No vote is wasted

This isn't a policy as much as a discussion about the likely issue of people being asked not to waste their votes. This is a way that large parties have by and large managed to marginalise smaller parties and suppress their vote. It's going to be something this party needs to deal with. Fortunately it's perception rather than reality and there are sound arguments we can use to counter this. No vote is actually wasted or more precisely all votes count the same whether they are for a party that makes it into parliament or not. The fiction of wasted votes doesn't stand much scrutiny. When you vote for National or Labour, they don't remember you and there is no direct reward for your vote. What you provide them is you mandate that you trust them with the reins of government. Nothing more, nothing less. There may be other parties that you prefer not to see in parliament in which can you may vote strategically by giving it to a likely competitor party. In this case you are giving up your voice on things that interest you to give mandate to a party on the grounds it prevents another party from getting power. Essentially your vote is not wasted but your voice is gone. The result is 'please do what you will but prevent that lot from doing what they want'. If you vote for a smaller party that doesn't make it into parliament, your vote may end up not directly bringing in a candidate but don't forget, with party lists you have so little control over who you bring in and besides, the candidates you do bring in don't have any obligation to 'repay' your vote so you lose very little. What you retain is far more important. You retain your democratic voice. In the final results, your vote will stand for exactly what you want it to stand for. Let's looks at an example like the legalise marijuana party. Assume It doesn't get into parliament. If it gets 0.3% of the vote, it's cause is ignored. If it gets 4.5% of the vote, it's cause is recognised and mainstream parties will likely look to see how they can secure those votes. I think the message that the TOP party needs to look at is when you vote, it's your say that is important. Don't let major parties convince you to give up your say on account of 'wasting your vote'. Your vote is only ever truely wasted if you don't use it or you use it to support something you don't believe in. In 2017, don't play petty games, have your say. I hope this makes sense.

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    • Gene Dalefield
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      commented 2016-11-26 17:11:32 +1300
      I have no idea how I managed to post that twice.
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