Geoff Simmons

Co-Deputy Leader/Candidate Wellington Central

Geoff grew up barefoot in Okaihau (Far North) and West Auckland. He has now lived in Wellington for more than 15 years, working as an economist for a variety of organisations such as Treasury and the Morgan Foundation. He’s learned that we can solve our problems – but we aren’t doing so because our politicians choose popular solutions over smart solutions.

We are a rich country. We can all have warm, dry affordable homes if we stop using houses as get rich schemes. Workers can have more money in their pockets if we let people create thriving businesses with high-paying jobs. And we can enjoy a beautiful natural environment if we stop subsidising the industries that destroy it.

As your candidate, Geoff will work for you to get  a smarter tax system, a better social safety net and environmental regulation that actually makes a difference.  The Opportunities Party is the only party with a plan to make this happen.

When he’s not running for parliament Geoff enjoys performing and training improvised comedy, speaking Spanish, playing in a samba band and getting his hands dirty planting trees and cleaning up Wellington's town belt