• 1953-1960

    I was born and bred in Putaruru. My first job was when I was aged 6 for Basil the milkman, collecting & returning the billies from people’s gates, for him to fill by ladling from urns he carried on his cart. During those days traffic was stopped from the rail crossing through town by a pointsman swinging a lantern. I remember when the main street got first tarsealed.

  • 1961-1970

    During school holidays I worked in the sawmills, in the bush, and milked cows for a Pound a milking (big money). While it was bloody hard work, what I earned seemed enormous and it taught me a lot about myself – in particular that there must be easier ways to make money! I left in 1970 to attend University.

  • 1971-1974

    I attended Massey University. Graduated 1974 with a BA(Hons) in Economics. Great days – lots of pop concerts up at Western Springs in Auckland, fun riding my 650cc Triumph Trophy – which leaked oil like a sieve, no problems funding myself through Uni – big money working in forestry during the holidays. Met Joanne in my final year - whooaa

  • 1975

    Moved to Wellington, married Joanne, Sam was born

  • 1975-1980

    Worked at Reserve Bank of New Zealand, Economics Department. Jessi was born in 1978, by then I was doing my PhD. Ended up working too hard, got exhausted, opted out, turned my back on an academic or government sector career.

  • 1980-82

    We lived in a bus, toured NZ, did casual work on farms, construction sites in order to buy fuel. Petrol at 6 miles to the gallon proved expensive, it took us 5 months to get from Wellington to Taupo because of fuel costs. Bus life was wonderful, we realised we need very little to live on. With that attitude already I felt rich.

  • 1982 -84

    We parked the bus up in Newtown, Wellington, and created and published a horse racing form guide, Bettor Informed – using my econometric modelling skills to predict performances of 7,500 gallopers. I was ahead of my time technology-wise and our computing and printing costs killed it. We sold out to INL and bought some flats in Newtown. So began our career as property “investors”.

  • 1983

    in partnership with Andrew Gawith I founded Infometrics, an economics consultancy – this was the start of my first very successful business. Son Floyd was born – we moved out of the bus into one of our flats. Joanne kept us financially viable driving Big Red buses and buying and selling stuff. Sam learnt what a garage sale was.

  • 1984

    By 1984 regular media appearances on economic matters were my stock and trade. I had lots of fun during the week of NZ’s 1984 Constitutional Crisis providing TVNZ News analysis of its effects on the economy.

  • 1983-1999

    we operated Infometrics in New Zealand and Australia. It was going off – in 1987 we tripled our prices and lost only 3% of our customers. In 1987 daughter Ruby was born. Director of public companies Direct Capital, Property for Industry, and national legal firm Phillips Fox. I worked and worked, Joanne raised 4 kids with the occasional home time from me. I didn’t know any better.

  • 1999

    We sold Infometrics and in the same year I founded fund manager, Gareth Morgan Investments (GMI). Trade Me started up – a real family concern with us all doing stuff to make it happen. Sam had no money so it was a bootstraps operation, family labour was vital, Jessi managed it while Sam did an OE.

  • 2001

    With Joanne, enjoyed first overseas motorcycling trip in the Himalayas. Instant addiction and we both knew instantly what we’d be doing for at least the next 20 years.

  • 2001- current day

    Our fatal attraction to global motorcycling trips continues, we spend 2-4 months each year riding the world. Have published 6 books on global motorcycling adventures.

  • 1999 - 2012

    I operated and then sold fund management business GMI to Kiwibank. My focus was always on not losing people's hard earned cash, giving people full transparecy where their money was, and we started down the road of ethical investing. I also wrote 3 books on financial sector issues trying to force reform of the sector so it acted in clients’ interest. I was a member of the Capital Markets Development Taskforce (2010), and of the Tax Working Group (2010).

  • 2006 - Current day

    After the sale of Trade Me, Joanne and I established Morgan Foundation, philanthropic funder of projects in social investment, environmental conservation and public policy research. In each area we have adopted an ‘Ideas to Action’ philosophy:  In the social investment space we've funded a range of initiatives in developing countries, some inconjunction with UNICEF, others directly with project leaders. On public policy research MF has operated a regular blog assessing the evidence base of current policy issues and published 7 books  on research findings into areas of public interest. And on Conservation our actions include  Cats to GoHalo HouseholdsPredator Free New ZealandMillion Dollar MouseOur Far SouthNZ River Awards.