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The Opportunities Party (TOP) is a political party that exists to provide genuine opportunities for everyone through evidence-based policy.

We have developed credible solutions to the underlying problems that our society and environment face, so that everyone can achieve their true potential and enjoy a life of dignity and fulfilment.

TOP is the only party with a credible plan and the courage to take on the status quo political parties.

Successive Governments have made no meaningful impact on improving housing, our environment or our economy. 

TOP promises to use evidence-based policies and work together with any political party to make the lives of Kiwis better.

Our policies are based on the best local and international research. In other words, it's policy that works!

At TOP we’re not a fan of labels, we like to think if a policy makes Kiwis better off - we’re all for it! 

But… if you had to give us a label, we’d say we’re centrists.

We often get asked this question. 

For us, we care about policy that works for all Kiwis, so we’d be willing to work with anyone to get the job done.

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