Your vote counts more than ever this election. Your vote can make a real difference to how New Zealand navigates its way out of Covid-19 - a chance to reset NZ for the 21st century and lead the world in social justice, environmental management and business innovation.

TOP wants NZ to be the place where you want to return home to, whether permanently, visiting family and friends, or for a holiday.

Yet NZ today is not the NZ you left behind. Our housing is the most unaffordable in the world - you’ll need to bring home a deposit of almost $200K to afford the average house in Auckland. We’re no longer the “pure green NZ” you remember - our ecosystem is on the verge of collapse. And the disparity between rich and poor continues to grow, with flow-on effects to justice, education, and housing.

To address this TOP will:

  • Reform the tax and welfare system, saving millions in bureaucracy. We’ll tax property the same as all other assets.
  • Introduce a UBI - $250 a week for all adult New Zealanders and $40 for children, no questions
  • Charge polluters
  • Charge for the commercialisation of our water
  • Provide grants and incentives for energy efficiency and digital transformation
  • Eradicate predators

We know we’re a team of 6 million, so make your vote count. Help us make NZ a world leader socially, environmentally and economically. A place you can be really proud to call home.

You can read more about our policies here.

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