Environmental Tribute To Kennedy Graham And David Clendon

The Opportunities Party has paid tribute to Kennedy Graham and David Clendon for their service as New Zealand MP’s.

Both these men have served with distinction in Parliament and worked hard to advance the causes of conservation and environmental protection which are so vital to the countries future. I also admire the principled stand they have taken in resigning as candidates for their current party.

Any party interested in making genuine progress on environmental issues and social justice would be lucky to have them as part of their team. The issues these men have progressed remain important to many New Zealanders and are a central part of TOP’s evidence based policy solutions.

TOP will continue to campaign to clean up waterways, make polluters pay for the damage they do to our environment and achieve a fossil fuel free New Zealand by 2050.

Reducing inequality and raising the fortunes of those struggling in the current economic climate are also vital parts of our campaign which is why we continue to promote a UBI, more rights for tenants and a major reform of our tax system.

The Opportunities Party is dedicated to policy advances that benefit all New Zealanders ahead of any outdated notions of left versus right politicking and class warfare. I believe growing numbers of voters feel the same.

I invite all Kiwis to Care, Think and Vote for a cleaner and greener and fairer New Zealand.