Doug Hill

Candidate for Christchurch Central

Douglas Hill- The Opportunities Party

Raised in Paraparaumu, I moved to Christchurch to begin university in early 2011, just days before the February earthquake. Six and a half years later, I have completed my Master’s degree in Biology.

In my time at University, I became aware of the enormous disconnect between the public perception of, and realities of New Zealand’s environmental and biodiversity crisis. Too many of our species are in a downward spiral, our waterways are in a mess, our emissions go unchecked, and DOC is drastically underfunded. It is well past time that we grabbed the reins and started living up to our clean green reputation.

Being from a scientific background, I really believe in the evidence-based approach that TOP has to its policy. There is much to be gained from the intellectual honesty that comes about by putting your existing beliefs and loyalties temporarily to one side, and simply looking at what the evidence is telling you. This isn’t a process that is performed once, but constantly, as good science is always up for review.

The Opportunities Party is a real shot in the arm for democracy. Our mantra of properly informing the public and basing discussions on policy empowers us all to make better decisions for the future of Aotearoa. We have the means to improve the lives of all New Zealanders, we just need to be brave enough to take the action to bring about that reality.

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