Climate Change Launch presentation

The science is clear; climate change is real and as a result we need to wean ourselves off fossil fuels by 2050. This is a great challenge for the world, but as a nation we should embrace the opportunity to reduce emissions. After nine years of doing nothing we are slipping behind other countries.

Here is a live recording of the launch of The Opportunites Party Climate change policy with Geoff Simmons.

Our policy in a nutshell

  • Wean our country off fossil fuels by 2050. If we are smart, we can do this in a way that improves our overall prosperity.
  • TOP would ‘dump the junk’ credits held by the government by cancelling surplus credits as at 2020 and ensuring our Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) stays closed to international trade. 
  • Ensure the Emissions Trading Scheme works properly, ploughing all revenue from a higher carbon price into helping households and businesses become more energy efficient, reducing their costs and emissions.
  • Ensure all large new investments take into account our low carbon future.
  • Reforest 1.1m ha of erosion prone land as soon as possible.
  • On agriculture, improving water quality will be our first priority, but this will help reduce nitrous oxide emissions (and possibly methane also). 

You can read the full policy here

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