Clint Ulyatt

Candidate for Mt Roskill

I’ve worked for over 20 years in film, advertising, and design as a recruiter and talent agent.

I joined The Opportunities Party on the day the party launched, because it was clear from day one that they were committed to challenging the norm and doing things differently. Not just ideas but evidence based policy, proven to work.

New Zealand is a great place to live but it can be better. Way better. 

We need to address inequality urgently. We do not have a "housing crisis" – we have an affordable housing crisis. Incomes have not kept pace with price increases. The cost of living has spiralled in every facet of our lives.

Neo-Liberal politics have benefitted the few not the many, trickle-down economics have equated to nothing more than “crumbs on an empty plate” for the majority, while those that were already ahead on the board have got even further ahead.

TOP’s flagship policy of tax reform will see those who need the most support from government getting it. Not those who are already established and who want for little. The wealthy are not paying their fair share of tax. Many kiwis have have seen their disposable incomes eroded by marked increases in rents and transport, especially in our biggest cities. Saving for the future or a deposit on a home will remain a dream for too many.

I’m standing for parliament in the 2017 election because I want to see a fairer deal for those who have worked hard to make New Zealand what it is today and those that are truly committed to joining that purpose. 

We need vision, bold policy, energy and enthusiasm – above all need to value what we have, our people, our land, our water, our rights as citizens and the advantages that affords us.  For the many not the few.

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