TOP’s challenge to Grant Robertson: support Kiwis or watch house prices soar

The Opportunities Party is calling on the government to issue stimulus payments to all Kiwis. This will stimulate the economy far more sensibly and equitably than continuing to inflate the housing market and the pockets of the already wealthy.

The Government’s health response has protected the team of 5 million, but its economic response has been inconsistent and unequal, leaving behind our young people, renters and those on low incomes.  A re-think of the Government’s economic recovery is needed to stop making the same mistakes.

The Opportunities Party is calling on the Government to issue stimulus payments to all Kiwis, which will immediately boost the economy, by supporting our people and our businesses. 

“If the Government and Reserve Bank need to print money again they must not repeat the mistakes of the past year, where the benefits of the bond buying scheme have flowed directly to the wealthy through housing inflation.  Instead of allowing even more money to flow directly into housing, the Government should issue stimulus payments to all Kiwis.”

“Kiwis need the confidence to spend, and for that they need cash. Distributing money directly to people is far more sensible and equitable than continuing to inflate the housing market” party leader, Shai Navot says. “We have seen how unequal the economic recovery has been so far, and without fiscal support from the Government, the inequality we have seen grow over the past year will only get worse.”

“Grant Robertson’s choice is clear: either provide support to people that will flow through the productive economy, or continue to do nothing and watch house prices continue to soar”, Navot says.

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