I'm concerned about...

We all have concerns that we hold close to our heart. Click the issue below to see how TOP will address your concerns.

I'm concerned about business growth

Our tax reform will raise national savings, increase the supply of capital to grow business and jobs.

  • Our tax reform will encourage investing in productive assets rather than speculating.
  • Reform of NZ Super means we can use the $35bn Super fund for R&D & infrastructure
  • Education reform will raise supply of relevant skills.
  • Climate change & environmental policies will open opportunities for innovation and technologies.
  • Our emphasis on natural capital will spur tourism and high quality immigration.
  • We’ll ensure markets are less dominated by major players. Rejuvenate R&D, science, and technology development.
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I'm concerned about inequality

TOP will make sure the wealthy pay their fair share of tax.

  • Our wealth tax will be offset by income tax rate cuts, ensuring 80% of people will be better off.
  • We’ll halve NZ Super that the richest half of the elderly receive and use that money to invest in our youngest citizens.
  • We’ll stop the growth in house prices and rents.
  • We’ll stop the influx of low skilled migrants competing for jobs and pushing down the wages of our middle & modestly paid employees.
  • We’ll encourage people to use their local school & stop the “education apartheid” of Tomorrow’s Schools.
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I'm concerned about climate change

If we are smart, we can take climate action in a way that makes us better off.

  • Our government has undertaken that New Zealand will be carbon neutral by 2050.
  • We’ll rekindle the Emission Trading Scheme & exclude offshore carbon credits from it
  • The rejuvenated ETS will lead to reforestation of 1m ha of erosion prone land.
  • We’ll use ETS revenues to invest in energy efficiency, cutting energy bills and emissions for households and businesses.
  • We’ll ensure the carbon price reflects the government’s 2030 emissions target.
  • We’ll ensure central government provides a strategy for climate change adaption making it clear who has to pay what to protect homes, businesses.
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I'm concerned about our democracy

The strength of our democracy is eroding; we need to restore full public participation before we end up like the United States.So we’ll introduce:

  • A written Constitution that:
    • encodes Human Rights Act, Bill of Rights.
    • increases transparency of Government.
    • requires Public Service to serve the public first, Ministers second.
    • honours the Treaty of Waitangi.
    • defends rights of the environment.
  • Civics education in schools and for immigrants to understand the values underpinning our democracy.
  • Upper House or Constitutional Authority to protect our rights.
  • Giving people more say over the decisions that affect them.
  • Protection of public interest journalism to keep the powerful in check.
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I'm concerned about honoring The Treaty of Waitangi

Honouring the Treaty is a win/win for all New Zealanders. TOP proposes;

  • A Constitution that includes honouring the Treaty, protecting rangatiratanga.
  • Civics (including treaty) education in school.
  • Economic, tax, and social assistance reforms will help the poor, who are disproportionately Maori.
  • Te reo to be compulsory in primary school to help protect Maori culture.
  • Accountability of iwi leadership required for charitable status.
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I'm concerned about our environment

we should leave the environment for our descendants in no worse shape than we inherited it – and preferably in better shape.

  • All rivers and lakes should be swimmable.
  • We can have economic growth AND look after our environment.
  • Polluters should pay for the damage they do, businesses that are environmentally friendly should benefit from that levy.
  • All business users of water should pay a market price for it.
  • TOP will levy a charge on tourists upon entry that protects our natural capital.
  • We’ll embed the rights of our endemic ecosystems in the Constitution.
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I'm concerned about immigration

The TOP test for migrants is: if you can improve our standard of living we welcome you. If not, thanks but no thanks. So we intend to

  • Warmly welcome migrants with skills we need.
  • Stop low skilled migrants getting in through the back door.
  • Reduce the overall number of migrants coming into NZ.
  • Lift wages for existing New Zealand citizens.
  • Raise New Zealand’s refugee quota in line with other countries.
  • Toughen path to Permanent Residency, all PRs to have NZ tax residency on worldwide income.
  • Impose a higher tax rate on property owned beneficially for non-NZ resident tax entities.
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I'm concerned about young families

TOP will invest in the next generation and get the richest 50% of the elderly to pay for it (through halving their NZ Super). We will;

  • Start along the path to a full Unconditional Basic Income in NZ.
  • Give families with children under 3 $200 per week.
  • Provide $72 per week more for all parents on low incomes.
  • Provide free full time high quality early childhood education.
  • Means test Super above the first $10,000 or ‘Elders UBI’.
  • Strengthen tenancy law – more rights and security for tenants.
  • Expand social housing.
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I'm concerned about harm from cannabis

TOP would reduce the harm caused by cannabis by legalising and regulating it. We’ll;

  • Free up $180m of police resources for more serious crime.
  • Regulation of retail and price to minimise harm and ensure use does not increase.
  • Legal age of use at 20.
  • Encourage small licensed regional growers.
  • Generate at least $150m in tax revenue to be used for drug rehab & education, plus after school activities for teens.
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I'm concerned about getting a getting a good start in life

We will make sure young adults get the opportunities to persue their dreams. These include;

  • A dry, warm affordable place to call home long term, regardless of whether you choose to rent or buy.
  • Lower income taxes means more moneyin your pocket.
  • More money for young families via the UBI plus targeted assistance.
  • Increased investment in early childhood education is the best investment we can make in our children’s future.
  • Compact, liveable cities.
  • Clean and clever growth.
  • More say over decisions that affect you.
  • A UBI for 18-21 year olds.
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