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Cameron Lord | Mount Albert

Cameron Lord | Mount Albert
Cameron Lord | Mount Albert

I'm not a politician. I've never been a member or supporter of a political party. Until TOP. I'm a partner, parent, self employed professional, community volunteer, student of te reo Māori, a homeowner and property investor.

I'm 51, so I've seen a few elections. I have come to understand that it doesn't matter which of the big establishment parties governs, they are never going to deliver meaningful change. They always talk a big game and they always under-deliver, decade in and decade out. It is little wonder that large numbers of people have given up on our democracy and don't even bother to vote. In the absence of an opportunity to get better outcomes who can blame them? It's always been the way.

The really important and difficult stuff - productivity, poverty, housing affordability, environment - all these things continue to deteriorate and languish unresolved. In 2020, TOP is still asking the same thing since we started in 2016: "What if we sidestepped all of these political parties, their career politicians and their useless tinkering, and just went directly to real solutions that could actually deliver the outcomes we want?"

And, I said "That's exactly what I want to do."

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