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Brendon Monk | Te Atatū

Brendon Monk | Te Atatū
Brendon Monk | Te Atatū

Kia ora, I'm Brendon and here's a little about me:

Whilst I have tried my hand at a range of skills, from sticking Easter egg halves together in a chocolate factory, refugee support work, or counselling people in a psychiatry clinic in Japan, my real profession is being a registered architect, designing buildings and houses throughout Aotearoa NZ.

I have always believed; "We have a responsibility to create buildings and urban environments that respond to and engage with people and landscape, both visually and sustainably". In a wide social sense, we must also have "affordability". That's what drew me to TOP. TOP's flagship policy was the first indication from a political party of the will to correct the unfairness in our system that is driving up property prices and therefore inequality. This is not good for us as a society.

My main area of interest has been developing a housing and urban development policy. Re-engineering our cities is critical to our ability to cope with the climate and social challenges facing us. We must change course if our urban developments are to be environmentally, economically and socially sustainable. It can be done. If I can help set that in motion through my work with TOP, I will have done a great service to Aotearoa NZ.

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