How is your policy different from Labour's and National's position?

How is your policy different from Labour's and National's position?


Firstly, TOP realises that, to solve our housing crisis, we must consider housing and urban development (including infrastructure, amenities, public and active transport) both together and separately. That is, we need a coordinated approach from several angles. TOP has studied and learned from the best examples within New Zealand and from overseas. We then developed a housing and urban development policy that will set us on the right path for the next 30 years. Neither Labour nor National are even discussing this. Instead, Labour is centralising some large developments, which will result in a less coordinated approach. National is proposing abandoning the Resource Management Act (RMA) entirely, which will cause environmental degradation outside cities.

Secondly, neither Labour nor National are prepared to give local authorities a stake in growth. They expect councils to invest in infrastructure to support housing, but don’t allocate them any revenue to do so. As a result, local authorities have no incentive to enable development.

Thirdly, TOP aims to tackle the root causes of the housing crisis on both the demand and supply sides. None of the other parties want to address the demand side cause – our tax system – let alone propose a solution that would bring back true fairness and benefit the vast majority of Kiwis and our economy.

Finally, TOP has researched supply-side bottlenecks and come up with radical, but workable solutions. We won’t settle for simply tinkering with the status quo. Other parties continue to rely on working groups to do the legwork for them, only to ignore their recommendations.