Building Aotearoa New Zealand

"Housing is part of our critical infrastructure. Our towns and cities should be climate-friendly, sustainable and foster social connections. That is the Aotearoa New Zealand we want to create, and with TOP, it can be done."


Aotearoa New Zealand is facing both a housing crisis and a climate emergency. Confronting these two challenges will require nothing less than a fundamental re-engineering of our cities. We need them to be affordable, liveable, and energy-efficient. That means building densely around public transport networks. 

To create healthy, resilient housing and cities that all New Zealanders can enjoy, we must have the courage to deal with issues on the side of both demand and supply. 

The Problem:

  • The housing crisis has been intensifying for decades under governments of all shades.
  • Both house prices and rental costs have been growing faster than incomes since 1990. According to Demographia, all our major housing markets are considered “severely unaffordable”, and we have the highest house prices in the world.
  • High rents are the leading cause of poverty, and demand for social housing only continues to rise.

TOP's solutions:

  • Redirect GST on rates tax so local authorities are empowered to build infrastructure to support local housing developments. 
  • Construction industry reform by improving access to training for trades, better consumer protection on new builds, and adopting internationally recognised building and material standards.
  • Foster social housing through subsidies for local non-profit housing organisations.
  • Explore European cooperative ownership models to lower the barriers to homeownership.

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