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Let’s be honest; Budget 2017 will be the same old, same old. The Government will take our money and offer it back to us in a lolly scramble, while the opposition will cry out that it is not enough. It will be a continuation of the same, fiddling around the edges approach that we have seen for the past 9 years, not to mention the 9 before that. 

Under the current Government the issues facing our country have only worsened; housing affordability, the state of our rivers, and family poverty to name a few. Nothing fundamental will change under a Labour/Greens government either, as none of the establishment parties are really willing to tackle the status quo. They are all relying on dividing up the scraps of the budget surplus to push forward their agendas.

The Opportunities Party (TOP) isn’t constrained by the status quo. All of our TOP 8 solutions released thus far make fundamental, evidence based changes to the way our country works and are fully self-funding. Let’s look at each of them in turn:


TOP Solution

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Tax Reform

Restore housing affordability, cut income tax rates by 1/3

A minimum tax on all major assets of 1.5%

Smarter Immigration

Improve the quality of skilled migrants, reduce the quantity of unskilled migrants.



Invest in improving water quality. Reward land owners that pollute less. $60m to protect our wildlife

A charge on commercial water users. Charge land owners that pollute more. $20 tourist levy


Establish public interest journalism fund

Selling TVNZ


Free full time, high quality early childhood education. More help in school for those who need it.

Reduce testing, remove competition in schools.

Climate Change

Invest in energy efficiency and planting eroding land.

Increased price on carbon.

Thriving Families

$200pw for families with children under three. $72 extra per week and FREE childcare for poor families. More rights for renters. Kick start social housing sector.

Means testing NZ Super – halving super for the top half of superannuitants (also pays for early childhood education above). Transfer Housing NZ stock to charity sector.

Real Deal Cannabis Reform

$150m in drug education and rehab, activities for youth.

$180m freed up in criminal justice system.

Tax and minimum price on cannabis.


= $0 extra spending

These are just some of our simple solutions to New Zealand’s key problems. Over time we will see a return to housing affordability, halving of the problems faced by our poorest families, and a vibrant economy that doesn’t rely on trashing our environment.

Dealing with these problems without spending a cent would make New Zealand a more sustainable place. TOP isn’t relying on a budget surplus to make positive changes for Kiwis. We would no longer have a massive superannuation and environment debt hanging over our heads. This leaves us free to invest any budget surplus in providing more real solutions for New Zealanders. We’ll see how the books are looking tomorrow afternoon, and be in touch with our ideas after that.


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    Not entirely simple solutions but good thinking. Challenging to implement but it would be great to make this kind of change to our country.