Buddy Mikaere

List Candiate

I was born in Coromandel, one of the two places I think of as being “home”; the other being Tauranga and Mount Maunganui. For the last 20 years I have worked as a resource consent consultant with a national client base including government, local government, corporates and developers, and hapu and iwi. I have also worked as Director of the Waitangi Tribunal and as a senior Human Resources and Industrial Relations executive.

My epiphany moment came after being with the people at our Tauranga marae who were feeding the local homeless people, giving them hot showers and washing their clothes. I got home to question time on Parliamentary TV and after watching the slagging off and meaningless rhetoric that masquerades as government I thought to myself “we can do better than this”. TOP’s fresh policy ideas and an approach that pays no attention to outdated concepts like the political left or right but rather keeping a focus on what is good for the country, appealed to me immensely.

If I’m elected I want to concentrate on fixing the inequalities that so blight the lives of decent Kiwis many of whom are struggling hard to make ends meet, pay the rent, feed, clothe and house their families, educate and keep them healthy. I am interested in protecting and enhancing our environment and desperately keen to reform our prison system.

It’s a big job and it won’t all get done in one hit but I believe we have a good team to work with and I’m up for the challenge.

If I have any spare time I intend to enjoy my garden, write and pursue my interest in New Zealand history, spending time with friends and whanau and taking long walks.      


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