Brittany Owens

Candidate for Rodney

I was born, raised & educated on the North Shore, but have now settled in Warkworth.

Growing up, I needed extra schooling assistance so as not to ‘slip through the system’, like so many other children that don't fit the standard pigeon hole system. TOP’s Education policy focuses more on teaching than testing. That will improve the opportunities for many more kids.

I recently decided to move out of the sales and financial industry and to a start-up conservation project for our coastlines, reserves, birds and marine life. I strongly support TOP’s Environment policies, particularly the goal of giving the environment genuine rights within a written constitution.

I am passionate about looking after our environment and I believe that it takes only one person to initiate change. This can be through educating your peers, siblings, children, and family around you to up hold a high standard of respect for our land. 

I don't come into this with any fancy qualifications but I have worked hard and succeeded in in the roles I have pursued, by listening, asking questions, finding solutions and taking action.

I am a grounded, passionate person wanting to make NZ a smarter, cleaner, and safer country now, and for the generations to come. It’s time we pulled our heads out of the sand and tackled issues that threaten to undermine our society and our environment.

Let’s do better. CARE. THINK. VOTE

I look forward to being your candidate for Rodney and getting to meet as many local people as possible.

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