The Trump Economic Formula as a template for New Zealand.

He’s President now and the core question is will he be moderated or is it a case of what you’ve heard is what you’re going to get? A second order question – although first order for us in New Zealand – are any of Trump’s economic ideas relevant as a template for managing the NZ economy in the years ahead?

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What can we learn from Trump’s victory?

Firstly, polls can get it wrong, particularly when turnout is low, or people are ashamed to admit who they are voting for. 

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Whose corner is Gareth Morgan in?

The reaction to the launch of the Opportunities Party has illustrated yet again that after 20 years of MMP we remain stuck in the same old two party, left and right system. People struggle to get their heads around anything different and the concept of a parliament working in anything but a deeply adversarial mode remains foreign.

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Launch of a Political Party

I am pleased to announce the formation of a new political party: The Opportunities Party.  

I know that as a country we are not fulfilling our potential, that with the right policies we can materially improve fairness, and give many more New Zealanders the opportunity to fulfil their aspirations.

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We Can’t Get Rich Buying Houses Off Each Other

Anyone with the money to invest faces a dilemma. Do you put the money into something productive, something that could create jobs, something that could even earn precious foreign exchange, or do you put it into housing? 


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