“House Prices Cool Off” – Yeah Right

The latest Weekend Herald led with the headline “House Prices Cool Off”. Given that house prices in our largest city are already grossly unaffordable, you could be fooled for thinking that meant prices had stopped climbing, and might even be falling.

Fat chance.

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Want a fair New Zealand? Then Stop Your Cheatin’ Ways

Met a builder out on a stroll this weekend, told me how much he liked TOP’s flagship policy on closing income tax loopholes.

“I’m sick of working for buggers who want me to quote a price for a “cashie” on their mansions”, he said, “They are proud of how little tax they pay, how the property market has made them rich. It sticks in my craw to think these guys, who are just so well-off, can’t get cheating the tax system out of their minds, it’s sick”.

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Tribute to John Key

The sudden departure – and now fast fading memory – of John Key’s term as Prime Minister, reminds us that even the most popular of politicians can, within a few weeks, be nothing in the public consciousness. Before he disappears totally from our attention however I think an assessment of his legacy is relevant as a setting for where New Zealand governance heads next.

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The Enemy is Babyboomer Denial

While most New Zealanders agree that making New Zealand fair again is a priority – there is, amongst those reluctant to invest to make that happen, a common theme. It is best described as the denial of a portion of the babyboomers and older (those aged over 53). There is a cohort of this group who fall victim to intemperate and righteous indignation at the suggestion that they have had a free ride and that has driven in the rise in inequality.

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TOP’s policy to make New Zealand fair again; Some numbers

Take 8% of your gross income, and that’s your tax cut. Take 1.5% of the equity in your house and that’s the additional tax to pay. This gives you roughly (and I mean rough) the order of magnitude of how closing the loophole in the income tax regime affects you.

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TOP's Views On Young Immigration To New Zealand

The Opportunities Party has released its first two policy priorities – making New Zealand fair again and boosting incomes by limiting immigration and increasing its quality. Here’s the logic for you to contemplate over Christmas.

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Impact of Temporary Migration on NZ

We’ve had some questions about our immigration policy TOP Policy #2: Smarter Immigration released last week. Remember the TOP test for immigrants is: if you can improve our standard of living we welcome you. If not, thanks but no thanks. 

One particular issue we raised is that we have too much low skilled, temporary migration. There are signs that this level of temporary migration is having an impact on the bottom end of our labour market, and we will set out the evidence in this blog.

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How our Tax Reform will result in more houses being built

We’ve had a lot of people asking about how our tax policy will result in more houses being built. This blog will answer that in more detail.

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The Opportunities Party refugee policy

Last week The Opportunities Party released its policy on economic migration. In short we conclude the situation is a mess as politicians have interfered and over-ridden a tried and tested immigration strategy that gives priority to migrants that boost the wellbeing of New Zealanders. The politicians have become obsessed with building a foreign education sector here and have sacrificed our immigration policy at the altar of that ambition.

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Engaging on TOP’s Discussion Boards

The rules for engagement on TOP’s various online channels are really easy. Be civil and your comment &/or query will be respected. Don’t and you will get whatever you served up, back with interest. And after 3 opportunities you’ll simply be banned. That has been made clear from Day One. Pity Rodney Hide still doesn’t get it – that what he, Don Brash, and ACT represent is repulsive to most New Zealanders and there’s no way their nutty extremism will not be met with fire on our channels.

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