TOP’s Fair Tax Reform – Expert Reaction

Our flagship policy is tax reform. The problem we’re solving is that there’s a huge loophole in the income tax regime that leads to a number of problems;

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Ping Pong Politics

Shayne Currie


NZ Herald

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A Reporter's Guide To The Opportunities Party

Straight answers to simple questions that will let us talk about important stuff

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Advertising salesmen circling as New Zealanders take time to get their heads around giving away someone else’s money.

The Leader of the Opportunities Party Dr Gareth Morgan fears being besieged by fast talking advertising agents as the public react slowly to the Party’s million-dollar Care Think Vote Campaign.

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Simon Bridges Dirty politics - TOP

It is appalling enough that Mr Bridges tried to suppress the release of the Wiri to Westfield rail line business case, particularly given that we are all shareholders in KiwiRail. This is yet another example of Establishment Parties slowly bending the public service to their own ends, instead of doing what they should do; serve the public. 

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Child Poverty In New Zealand - TOP

We all think New Zealand is a great place to raise a family. However, a new global report card from UNICEF shows that for many New Zealanders this isn’t the case. We are failing our children, and one of the key reasons is because we give so much of our money to the elderly.  

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Why we need to legalise cannabis in New Zealand

The Greens’ private members bill on legalising medicinal cannabis has been drawn from the ballot in Parliament. It sounds like a great idea, but in reality it just opens up a huge can of worms that would be better solved by legalising cannabis entirely. What the bill shows though is that even the Greens aren’t above putting political opportunism ahead of evidence.

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Ping Pong Journalism

I have been challenged to a game of table tennis by a NZ Herald sports reporter. Personally, I have better things to do with my time - talk about issues which are important to NZ. I think a better way to measure a person's character is to know what they stand for rather than how they play a game of table tennis. Have a look at the email exchange below. 

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How our tax system is effecting our environment - TOP

Most Kiwis are aware of the speculation in our housing market. It is the demand for housing and land as a tax-favoured investment over and above the demand simply for shelter or comfortable housing. This sends prices spiraling ever upwards, making house prices and even rents unaffordable for many, driving up our debt (most of it foreign), and starving our businesses of the money they need to grow.

 It’s a problem that is all too obvious to people now. But it doesn’t just apply to housing, it also applies to our largest industry; farming. And this is, in turn, stuffing our rivers. 

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Labour's Immigration Policy - TOP

Labour have reignited the immigration debate with their new policy, which is broadly similar to ours. The most interesting aspect of the debate has been the response of the National Government. None of their justifications for the current situation seem to stack up, so the question is what is the real reason behind their policy? The only explanation we can think of is that they are trying to build a low wage economy. 

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