Dr Ben Wylie-van Eerd for Hutt South

Dr Ben Wylie-van Eerd is a physicist who has made a name for himself in the world of Research and Development, having worked with world-leading technology companies overseas. He returned home in 2017 and currently works as a science and technology developer for some of New Zealand’s most innovative companies. Ben has a unique talent for simplifying complex concepts and devising practical solutions that work.

Ben’s interest in politics began in his university days where he quickly learnt that he’d need to venture outside of physics to truly understand how the world worked. He realised that even though we have all the knowledge needed to feed, clothe, house, and educate every person in this country, people are still hungry, cold, living in cars, and dying of preventable diseases. He is driven by a desire to apply scientific knowledge to the real world, but knows that to do this, we need changes to our legislation. As a candidate for The Opportunities Party (TOP) in the Hutt South electorate, Ben hopes to accomplish this.

Ben is particularly passionate about the issues facing young people, including the cost of housing and climate change, and their effect on mental health. Ben is committed to making real and lasting change in these areas, offering young people a bright future where they can afford to live, raise a family, and save for retirement.

Originally from Wellington, Ben has now put down roots in the Hutt Valley. In his spare time, he practises Taekwon-do and enjoys playing board games, reading books, and observing the native bird life of his local Belmont Regional Park.