Advertising salesmen circling as New Zealanders take time to get their heads around giving away someone else’s money.

The Leader of the Opportunities Party Dr Gareth Morgan fears being besieged by fast talking advertising agents as the public react slowly to the Party’s million-dollar Care Think Vote Campaign.


TOP launched the free donation project last weekend after it was revealed taxpayers are spending more than 4 million dollars buying advertising time for the establishment political parties.

One million dollars has been allocated for donation to four New Zealand Charities, Women’s Refuge, Lifeline, Conservation Volunteers and KidsCan.  To make a donation all people have to do is visit and give their email address before they vote for which charity they would like to receive three dollars.

To date just under five thousand generous kiwis have taken up the challenge with Woman’s Refuge and Conservation Volunteers the most popular recipients so far.

“The advertising sharks are circling as most of the million dollars remains unspent” says Dr Morgan “People had better start giving away this money soon or I might have to give it to the few rather than the many”.

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    commented 2017-06-22 20:02:24 +1200
    Good. IIRC it wasn’t a hyperlink before, or at least my phone didn’t see it as one
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    It’s just the caption that is wrong – the underlying hyperlink is correct (hover your mouse over it to see it). But yes, the blog post should be corrected accordingly.
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