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Alcohol isn't the problem. Stress is.

Alcohol isn't the problem. Stress is.

It is not fair to tell a legal adult that they can't drink alcohol. I agree there should be more money committed to alcohol addiction clinics. If there is a higher excise on alcohol then it means there will be even less money in the pockets of low-income earners who have found themselves dependent on this drug. I think that alcohol addiction is caused by stress, and stress is often caused by poverty. TOP is already addressing poverty by making the tax system fair and offering a universal basic income. Logically the reduction in poverty will reduce stress and consequently reduce alcohol abuse. Also Gareth said to the Victoria University crowd that cannabis reform would be the way to capture the youth vote. Surely raising the alcohol age to 20 is going to un-do that support? Overall I think this policy points the finger at alcohol itself as the reason for accidents and violence, when the real issue here is poverty, stress and mental illness. I would increase support for alcohol education and support but find the money for it somewhere else. Leave the drinking age alone.

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