We may end up with even more homeless people

We may end up with even more homeless people

I don't agree with this policy as it will absolutely turn off property owners from renting out their houses and we already have a shortage. Additionally the German model doesn't translate as in Germany tenants provide everything bar the walls and doors. That literally includes the kitchen sink and curtains thus reducing maintenance overheads for the landlords. The other side of the German approach is that the tenancy courts (!) are overrun with litigation ('my tenant brought a dog', 'my tenant won't mow the lawns', 'my landlord wants me to contribute towards upgrades', 'my landlord won't get a a heat pump so I am paying loads for heating', etc etc). Additional to all this - what about fixed or short term tenancies, e.g. where the home owners head off overseas for couple of years and tenants would be happy to occupy for that period only. This policy won't fly with NZers - too much too soon.

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