I disagree that my house is generating income

I disagree that my house is generating income

I pay council rates which is a tax. I purchase services such as water, phone and power on which I pay GST. I maintain and improve my property with my time which is a form of sweat equity. Over any given year I spend a countless amount on DIY goods on which I pay GST. I pay interest to the bank for the privilege of living in my own home and on top of all this you want to tax me? Sorry you lost my vote. Egalitarianism is a fallacy. If you want to make this country fair get rid of Working for Families. Make the first $25K of income tax free and drop corporate tax to 15%.

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  • James Turnbull
    commented 2016-12-09 04:30:03 +1300
    Sorry Tim … couple typos in spelling your name there, no offence intended !
  • James Turnbull
    commented 2016-12-09 04:29:00 +1300
    Gary Roger … with you all the way here !

    Sometime back the Herald or (on Sunday) showed that the administrative cost of taking each dollar from a person’s income at source and returning it to them as a WFF credit was higher than the $1 itself … maybe even as high as $3.40 but don;t hold me to that number please it was several years back !

    Samuel Dennis … absolutely with you also. A tax free living allowance circa $25 k as suggested here would mean that many peoplel would no longer need WFF … the admin saving would be huge and the level of self pride people have would be boosted. Some argue that some people would fritter away on booze, drugs and fags … but that argument falls down because theyre getting money from WFF and same pundits claim they waste WFF on B D & Fs as well. Just takes out a vast admin cost and makes sure people who don;t know about benefits (or are too proud ) are not disadvantegd by the complexity !

    Tin O;Donnell … agree again., Excessivelly complex tax rules burden the individual but are always skirted by major corps who can afford the expense ;creative ’ accountants to find loopholes and tax lawyers to fight IRD in cases … again, massive costs to the public purse that are rarely recovered …

    I’m more and more with you on the single banking transaction tax … simple, fast and unavoidable !
  • Samuel Dennis
    commented 2016-12-08 19:04:20 +1300
    Well said. There are enough taxes as it is. I agree get rid of WFF (it’s hard to say that because I do quite well out of it personally, but seriously, it’s completely unfair) – and drop income taxes to benefit people that way instead.
    All TOP1 will do is force people out of home ownership, into renting, and make more money for large corporate property investors. This seems perfectly designed to make the rich richer and the poor poorer but trick the poor into thinking it’s a good idea and thus voting for their own destruction.
  • Samuel Dennis
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  • Tim O’Donnell
    commented 2016-12-08 06:40:18 +1300
    You have to get corps to pay tax before you can drop the tax rate. Everyone & everything needs to be taxed at the same rate
  • Tim O’Donnell
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  • Alexandra Hallatt
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  • Gary Rogers
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