Won't selling TVNZ make the media worse?

Won't selling TVNZ make the media worse?


The TVNZ channels themselves have deteriorated markedly over recent years as they have come under competition from better quality products available from online and subscriber channels. The choices now are so diverse, with an enormous amount of content free from online competitors, that the business case for a State subsidised commercial channel has collapsed. What matters for taxpayer funding is New Zealand public-good broadcasting content. NZ on Air does this already and its role should be expanded to include news and journalism that does not have a corporate agenda. The channels for connecting with the audience are numerous.

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  • Don Don

Last name - Wise
    commented 2017-02-07 12:23:31 +1300
    Ummm Yes !! but TV is lapped up more quickly than Radio,, would it be functional to have a channel that dealt only with that which pertained to items of “Public importance” with similar complimentary items on Radio NZ